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The older I get, the more melancholic I get, the faster time flies by like there is no yesterday, today or tomorrow. Is it tuesday again, am I doing yet another Vital Weekly. It seems so.

So in my perception of things Cronica Electronica have been around for ages, but they celebrate their fifth birthday with an online present. No less than 192 minutes of music (which would have been three CDs in real life, but I assume they don't want to end up financially broke from such an affair) and I was wondering when ever they released some of these people. The older I get, the more I tend to forget. Surely I remember Janek Schaeffer, Ran Slavin, o.blaat or Marc Behrens but erm, Heitor Alvelos, James Eck Rippie, Cem Güney? I don't seem to remember.

If you would be looking for a good compendium of todays electronica boys (and some girls - counting one here only), a bit like Mille Plateaux used to do with their compilations "Clicks & Cuts" and "Modulation & Tranformation", but then updated totoday's standard, this is a very good place to go.

None of the artists seem to have send it throw away pieces, "since it's only an online compilation" and many take advantage of the medium to sen in long pieces. Güney has the longest with fourteen minutes, but also @C, Freiband (who sound like a microsound remix of Electric Light Orchestra), Pedro Tudela and Vitor Joaquim go well over ten minutes, while others go easily for six. Autodigest's merely one minute is pale.

As said this is a pretty good compilation with music from the low end fields to the loud noise of Alvelos, from chirpy techno like music and the full on abstract. A great party bash this one.

[MP3 compilation by Cronica Electronica]

Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
Image: Crónica Electrónica

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