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What’s to say on EE Tapes? In few words, since 1987 it has become one of the referential labels on the most underground area of the European outer limits music scene, with an excellent catalogue – which includes several sounding names – and a natural and logical evolution from the cassette to CD format.
One of the above mentioned is Human Flesh, from which the “Penumbra” album is a precious item on the EE Tapes collection. Recorded between 1985 and 1995, this work by Alain Neffe’s project presents a collection of introspective and, let’s say, “obscure” compositions (with the predominance of guitars and analogical electronics), probably reflecting this French multi-instrumentalist’s personal perspective of the world. The musical environments of the old Crammed Discs releases aren’t a vain reference.
But this ten year voyage isn’t made alone, with Neffe recollecting contributions from friend artists that range from Sweden to Mexico, which – and in spite of the conceptual “cement” – gives a heterogeneous ambience to the final result, as an album. And – of course – there are always the voices of Deborah Jaffe and the unforgetable Anna Homler.

Another fine release by EE Tapes is the second volume of the “Table For Six: All Quiet” compilation, in which, like the Belgian label explains, «six projects from six different countries [i.e. Objekt4, Andrea Marutti, Laurent Perrier, Lutnahimat, June 11 and Brian Lavelle] gather around the table and showcase their individual art».

Similarly to the debut volume of this collection, the featuring works move itself on the ambient spectrum, ranging from the well-learned Eno lessons to darker atmospheres, in a varied, although consequent, final result. Recommended.
Nuno Loureiro
Images: EE Tapes

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