Robert Curgeven with Chris Howden: "Alice Springs, Central Australia"

I am not entirely sure what this release is about. «The first volume in its (Recorded Fields - the label) Sound Atlas Series. [...] the sound atlas comprises field recordings made over eight days in twenty-two locations through the township and surrounding MacDonell Ranges, creating stunning sonic vistas from the unique arid land environment». So, what we hear is culled as mix of field recordings from twenty-two locations. Then I am impressed, as it sounds like an open microphone recording made in one place.
Birds, insects, somebody walking - the usual ingredients of untreated field recordings. Not exactly strong stuff, I must say. It's nicely recorded, perhaps a bit soft, and it sounds alright, but somehow I have the idea something is missing here. Perhaps an unique edge, something that makes it more their own thing, rather than some building blocks of what could have been music made from field recordings.
More work in progress than finished work, I thought.
[CD-R by Recorded Fields]
Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
Image: Recorded Fields

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