Mathias Delplanque: "La Plinthe"

Like many other musicians, Mathias Delplanque works under different guises to present different kinds of music. As Lena he plays dub like music, and under his own name things are more microsound.

I wasn't blown away by his previous "Le Pavillon Temoin", but this new one, "La Plinthe" (meaning The Baseboard) is better. Although, I readily admit that the differences aren't that big. Again, Delplanque seems to be using various acoustic instruments (such as guitar, piano, drums etc.) but treats them to such an extent that that can be no longer traced back to the original source, so I must admit I am guessing here.

It's a bit hard to say why I like this album better than the previous. Maybe it's because there are lesser attempts to create small melodies and overall it seems that album is more abstract, working more along the lines of say Richard Chartier or Roel Meelkop. The pieces are more worked out, and have tension throughout, which grabs the listener more than before.

Throughout "La Plinthe" is a pretty strong album. Maybe not in its genre per se, but quite a leap forward.

[CD by Optical Sound]

Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
Photo: R.R.

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