V/A: “Elffriede Soundrawing”

The musical pieces, all 34 on the CD, were inspired by the drawings made by Austrian Elffriede, a visual artist. Her drawings are in a simple style, almost cartoon/comic like, but with words, in German and Dutch (the 7" sized booklet was printed by Knust/Extrapool in lovely Nijmegen), which have a poetic character.

There is, I think, quite an uniform character among the drawings/text, which is important to keep in mind when we listen to the music. Elffriede asked 34 musicians to make a musical piece, inspired by her drawings.

These pieces are by a wide variety of musicians, operating in many styles. From Phill Niblock, Murmer, Jgrzinich to Incite, Jörg Piringer to Wohnzimmer, Zemmler which means from pure soundscape and serious composition to click/beat to naive lo-fi songs on cheap keyboards and acoustic instruments. It's a bit hard to like them all, I think, but I thought of it as a radio program: you switch it on and start listening to whatever comes, and things may not always have a relation.

Elffriede's book may serve as the program guide, which you can flip through when playing the CD, or simply put aside when you are done with it, and continue to enjoy the music, picking it up every now and then.

[CD/Book by Transacoustic Research]

Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly

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