Christian Renou: “Ex-Voto”

A new approach needs a new name. When Brume switched of the analogue machines and turned on the computer, Brume adopted is christian name, Christian Renou. You all know this of course, since music by Renou under his own name has been reviewed before. But I gather from the delivered notes that Renou wasn't too pleased with the results so far, although he doesn't tell us what exactly was wrong with them; we thought they sounded fine.

But listening to his new release, there are indeed some interesting differences to be spotted. The basic material was recorded in 2002 in a church, with Ilda von Gerart interpreting “Amazing Grace” on the violin. The violin is processed through the use of computers, and additional sounds from the church are taken in consideration.

Sometimes the electronics prevails and we are in total abstract landscape, but as soon as Renou allows the violin to join, things are getting... musical. Very musical indeed. To an extend which we haven't heard from him in ages, or perhaps even never. The sorrowing tune of “Amazing Grace” hacked together with sometimes crude, sometimes rhythmic processings thereof, making this a rather musical outing for monsieur Renou, and it's seems to these ears the right move and a line to be explored.

Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
Photo: R.R.

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