@C & Vítor Joaquim: “De-Tour”

People create music out of various reasons, and one is a fascination for sound. @C are such people. This duo, of Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela, play their music in a rather improvised way, at home or in concert.

They like to play with other people, and everything is recorded. The recordings are never released as is, but act as new building blocks for new compositions. Their “De-Tour” (“de” as in German) saw them play in various German cities, along with Vítor Joaquim (who joins them in Portugal too), but also Harald 'Sack' Ziegler on his horn, Pure on the laptop, Fried Dähn on the electric cello.

Everything was recorded and the CD that now lies in front of us, is the culmination of editing and recomposing. They do a fine job of cracking sounds, the laptop's working overtime here, but this is not just purely microsound of pure glitch: @C & Vítor Joaquim never loose the musical component out of sight here. It's rhythmic on all sides, voices are used, a bass line is never far away,but it's also built of glitches, hiss and noise.

Through their years of existence, @C have matured their playing and are confident improvisers on the laptop. When Sack's waldhorn comes in, things are just great. Very musical. Very nice work.

[CD by Feld Records]

Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
Photo: R.R.

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