PornOrchestra: The teasing sound

Located in San Francisco, California, the PornOrchestra is an attempt to radically reinterpret the soundtrack to pornographic film.

This complicated genre has taken its share of scorn: from adult film producers who refuse to pay it any mind, to legions of consumers who instinctively snap the sound off after pressing “play”.

Performing live improvised and composed scores to pornographic film, the PornOrchestra invigorates the mysterious experience of the Voyeur-cum-Auditeur. The equivalent of a circus band with its collective eye on the trapeze artist, the PornOrchestra teases out the thrill, amplifying the collective gasp at pornographic triumph – and tragedy – using «the most eclectic and creative musical minds working in the Bay Area today».

In its structure, it is a large ensemble of musicians, from a variety of backgrounds, performing under the direction of a conductor using scored instructions and improvisational cues.

Images: PornOrchestra

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