Clean Feed Fest NY III

From September 19th through the 24th, Clean Feed is going to promote in New York its Fest NY III, in which the Portuguese label, through this jazz festival, showcases the talent it has on its catalogue and provides an insight into Portugal’s creative culture through music, wine and food.
This year’s event – the third – will be held at The Living Theatre, at 21 Clinton Street, in Lower Manhattan. In each night, of the festival two groups will each play one set (see the program here).
Clean Feed Fest NY III draws exclusively on artists who have recorded on the label’s more-than-100 releases over the past five years. Some of the artists are from New York City and are staples of the improvised music scene, such as Tony Malaby, William Parker and Elliott Sharp. Others are from other parts of the country, such as Dennis González (from Texas) and Scott Fields (Chicago, now in Cologne, Germany). These others, according to the label, «show the diversity that Clean Feed draws on and the fact that forward-thinking jazz is not just made in New York».

Meanwhile, Clean Feed has made available five new records: “The Beautiful Enabler”, by Mauger (Gerry Hemingway, Mark Dresser, Rudresh Mahanthappa); “Live at Vision Festival VI”, by the Trio Viriditas (Alfred Harth, Kevin Norton, Wilber Morris); “Drunk Butterfly”, by Adam Lane/Lou Grassi/Mark Whitecage; “House of Mirrors”, by Mark Dresser/Ed Harkins/Steven Schick, and “Poetry In Motion”, by Conference Call (Ed Harkins, Mark Dresser, Steven Schick).

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