jliat: "now thats what i call noise" vol. 10

«Oh yes - i do. In the past whether and whatever i did i always had to push onto something new - even the drones in the end became from the point of making them less and less interesting / exciting. I remember feeling sick that this happened and envious of painters like Pollock who could continue the same kind of thing for many works over a period. But with the noise works this just hasn't happened!

So i've been making these short tracks for soon a year and have recorded already up to volume 20. When time allows i want to make many more and create a virtual Mall online of downloads. Maybe an animated shopping Mall where all the shops stock jliat noise... so just as the 3.59 tracks parody the pop single i can parody the present consumerism...»

Note: This collection is already on its 12th volume.

[CD-R by jliat]

Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
Photo: R.R.

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