The latest sounds from Crónica Electrónica

Portuguese label Crónica Electrónica has been releasing several items in recent times, maintaining its strong editorial activity.

Starting on the “physical” format, the first proposition is “Praxis”, by Cem Güney, a group of compositions for laptop, live electronics, field recording and radio, which were recorded between late 2006 and 2008. According to the sound artist, «”Praxis” is the experimentations of the various emergent forms, and its application into the concrete».

Moving to the online universe – namely Crónica's Crónicaster podcast series –, it have been made available new works by Pure (recorded live at Club Transmediale Festival, in Berlin, on January 29th, using mainly sounds from Pure’s forthcoming studio album, to be released by Crónica later this year), Carlos Santos (entitled “Orla”, a full recording of an audiovisual concert called "Memory", presented at the Bang Festival, in Lisbon, on April 3rd) and Enrico Coniglio (“Abibes”, where field recordings of an industrial area are treated with Cycling '74 technology).

Images: Crónica Electrónica

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