Autechre download: Quaristice.Quadrange.ep.ae

Since May 19th, and over a two week period, Autechre will be releasing 13 new tracks digitally, comprising 140 minutes of new work, which are alternate versions of tracks from their latest Warp album, "Quaristice", and the special edition 2CD package of it. These versions have not been made available before on any previous releases.
Available for (payed) download, all the the tracks are accompanied by track-by-track artwork from The Designers Republic.
Full tracklisting:
1. The Plc ccc (available now) 2. Perlence range 7 3. Perlence Suns 4. 90101-51-6 5. 9013-2 6. Tkakanren 7. 90101-51-19 8. Perlence subrange 3 9. chenc9-1dub 10. 9010171-121 11. Perlence losid 2 12. notwotwo 13. Perlence subrange 6-36
Photos: R.R.

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