AGF: "Words are Missing"

Music by Antye Greie, also known as AGF, didn't make it in Vital Weekly for reasons that will never be known. AGF was once a member of Laub, an electronic pop duo and released solo work on Orthlong Musork, Asphodel, Mixer and since some time on her own AGF Producktion.

I lost count what she released so it's a bit hard for me to place her new CD (her fourth solo), "Words Are Missing", in the larger context of her work. Poetry, vocals, language play an important role in her work, but for this new one words are missing - she uses the voice to create sound and the computer to transform those sounds. In the booklet every track gets a picture - sometimes a photo, but it can also be words, letters or something that could something like that.

The music by AGF is highly personal music, in which she puts together personal emotions, feelings and experiences. Yet this is no an entirely closed work, the title of the pieces in combination with the visual aspect give the listener an idea what they are about. "KZ" (short in German for concentration camp) is based on a visit to Buchenwald when she was sixteen. From her voice she constructs beats, drones, cut up voices are looped and it might be best easy to say her work is click n cuts. Not abstract as with many of her male counterparts, not danceable as related to the dancefloor, yet strong on rhythm, moods and atmospheres. Perhaps sixteen tracks is a bit long, but it's certainly a varied work, sometimes heavy on rhythm, sometimes as quiet as poetry can be.

Very nice. I should check out what else I missed from her.

[CD by AGF Producktion]

Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
AGF photo: Vladislav Delay

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