Christof Migone: "Trou"

The work of Christof Migone has been reviewed before in Vital Weekly, but it dealt always with one aspect of that work: the music, released on the compact disc that was reviewed.

Migone however is also a visual artist, and much of his work is shown in his home town Montreal, so its likely that you or me didn't see that work. Until now that is. With "Trou" we don't get the real thing, but it gives the idea. "Trou" is compiled by Nicole Gringas and is an exhibition of various Migone multimedia works, such as films, installations and sound work. I could try to explain what his work is about, but it would mean I would have to retype Gringas book. In short, many of the works by Migone deal with body, with sound and with language. The body farts, makes the sound of cracking bones (both of these were used to make music), but also produced the installation "Spit", which is a bottle of collected spit. Conceptual work, but it has a great visual and audio power.

To make things more complete this hardcover book has DVD of various works. Of these all of them, except "P" and "Surround (360 objects)" deal with the human body. In "Poker" we see two faces at the time and they are being 'touched' ('poked') for sound, which is kinda poetic. In "Snow Storm" dandruff produces the title and in "Evasion" we are confronted with the human tongue, but no doubt the small screen at home works less effective than the full screen in the gallery space. The films are quite short (ranging from less than a minute to twelve minutes), and open up the fascinating world of Christof Migone.

Still not the real thing, as the exhibition is the real thing, but it's a fine substitute.

[Book + DVD by Galerie De l"Uqam]

Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
Photo: R.R.